wrap it up wrapped food recipes from around the world

Coming in 2023

``Wrap It Up`` by John F. Peppin, D.O., F.A.C.P.

Wrapped Food Recipes from the Around the World

That clear day in the spring, when I came across an “en papillote” recipe for fish and vegetables, my interest was stimulated. This interest has grown and resulted in the development of this web site and book on the cooking technique of the wrapping of foods. This has not, to my knowledge, been done before, although there are wonderful books on dumplings, and wrapped recipes occur in many cookbooks; no one has taken the time to focus on this fascinating cooking approach.

This first volume, in a planned series of cookbooks on the wrapping of foods,  will describe this technique by type of wrapping. Wrapped in fruit and vegetables, meat, dough, leaves, and other wrappings will be discussed. It will explain techniques and give vetted recipes as well as accompanying  condiments.

Placing an “en papillote” or a banana leaf wrapped packet on a guests plate will elicit amazement and fascination, not to mention a delicious dish full of flavor.

Join us in this first of a series of books on the wrapping of foods.

Book Content

About the Book:  “Wrap It Up – Wrapped Food Recipes from Around the World

Here is a list of chapters (still pending) for the book to be released early 2022.

  • Chapter 1: Wrapped and Stuffed in Vegetables and Fruit
  • Chapter 2: Wrapped in Corn
  • Chapter 3: Wrapped in Meat, Fish or Animal Organs
  • Chapter 4: Wrapped in Dough: Meat Pies
  • Chapter 5: Wrapped in dough: Dumplings Around the World
  • Chapter 6: Wrapped in Leaves
  • 7: Wrapped Classically: “En Papillote”, “Al Cartoccio” and Others
  • Chapter 8: Wrapped in Other Types of Wrappers and “Paper”
  • Chapter 9: Wrapped Desserts
  • Chapter 10: Sauces, Ingredients, and other Additional Recipes
  • Chapter 11: Conclusion

Why Wrapped Foods

Why wrap food?  A question surely on the mind of any reader, but an important one.  The wrapping of food gives food added flavor, kills off bacteria, is more visually pleasing, allows for different ingredients to be included, keeps food moist and holds in flavors.  However, it has taken centuries for the wrapping of food to develop into a more sophisticated cooking approach seen around the world.

This book is for the home cook.  It is designed for those who want to try unique, new and interesting recipes from around the world and share these with friends and family.  For recipes with rare ingredients substitutions of more common ingredients will be provided.  Since I am in the United States, this book will be focusing on the US home cook.  Recipes have been selected for their uniqueness and creativity.  No attempt has been made to be a thorough exposition of the wrapping of food, which would take multiple volumes

What People are Saying

We will posting reviews and press, once the book is released in 2023.  If you’d like to pre-order the book to post an early review, please contact John.

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